Baby Products – Are They Basic Needs or Wants?

Pretty Baby offer a wide variety of products including Silicone Teethers, Pacifiers, Teething Necklace, Bangles, 100 % Muslin cotton Swaddles, Baby wraps, Muslin Burb bibs, bibs, bandanna bibs, baby towels, Muslin Wash Cloth, Muslin Crib Sheets, Muslin car seat covers and much more. Here is the list of the products we offer.

• Clothings. Baby clothes are adorable than ever. These are one of the basic needs of a baby, although, you cannot resist from buying above this basic needs.

• Nurseries. You can decorate your baby’s nurseries with cute wall décor, beautiful lamps, or rugs. Most of the items that can be found at Pretty Babies Store are cloth diaper, crib bedding, and Muslin Crib sheets.

• Baby Soothing and Entertaining Gear. We cannot prevent babies from crying. Some products might sooth the baby and bring back a smile on their face. The smiling of baby and the coordinate movement of their arms could be amazing, but some toys will be good and it will stimulate their growing brain. Baby entertaining supplies would include: pacifiers, baby swing, infant bouncer, and play mat.

• Hippo shaped pacifier or soother. The relationship of most parents with pacifiers is a love-hate. Although pacifier sooths baby and are recommended for bedtime use to prevent SIDS, parents are taking away pacifier because it can discourage breastfeeding. This animal shaped pacifier is made from silicone and comes in color red, blue, light green, white, and yellow. This pacifier will help you calm your crying or fussing baby.

• Elephant shaped teethers. Most babies are trying to put something on their mouth because they find it comforting. When they are teething, they love to chew and their easy target to chew on, are their fingers, blankets, and stuffed toys. This teether is also made from silicone and comes in color pink and green. This can be easily hold by your baby and put it on their mouth.

• Clipons. This baby clipons will be great for your baby girl and an addition to her closet. The hair clips have cotton lining which help clips to stay put. It comes in different design and colors which will make your baby to get more attention.

• Baby jewelries for baby girls like bangles and necklace will also make your baby girl cute and adorable. Necklace. This is a cute necklace made from black plastic beads which will be perfect to flaunt your baby’s smooth and beautiful neck. Bangles. This green plastic bangle will also add to the adorableness of your baby girl.
Once you have all this baby supplies, you are now prepared for new bundle of joy in your family. But there are still plenty of baby products that you can explore which will make the life with your baby fun, safe and more convenient.
• Multi-Purpose Baby Swaddle Wraps – Pretty Baby Products offers Muslin cotton Swaddles, babboo swaddles, cotton swaddles. When you get a baby swaddle wrap, you will love to use it for other purposes instead of just using it as a blanket for your baby. It could also be used as a picnic blanket, a car seat cover or just a light blanket that is not only perfect for babies but even for toddlers.

• Baby Bibs – Pretty Baby products offers different type of bibs including regular shape bibs, burpy bibs, bandanna bibs, muslin cotton bibs, and silicone bibs. These bibs are made from a hundred percent Organic Muslin cotton and are ultra absorbent. Also, they are also made with bamboo cloth, and polyester fleece. Since it is made from cotton, it is soft to touch. This does not leave your skin dry or with rashes.

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