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Pretty Babies product brings your daily baby need to your door step. We offer Silicone Teethers, Pacifiers, Baby Teething Necklace, Baby Teething Bangles, 100 % Muslin Cotton Swaddles, Baby Blankets, Baby Sleeping Bags, Baby wraps, Baby Wash Cloths, Nursing Covers, Car Seat Covers, Baby Bibs, Burp Bibs, Bandanna Bibs, Crib Sheets and much more. Please go to our products page for details.

Baby Products: What Must We Have?

 After you know that you will be having a baby, you learn also that babies will need a lot of stuff. Yes, #baby needs a lot of baby stuffs, and as #parents, we only want the safest baby products for our little ones offered by Pretty Babies. There a wide array of #babyproducts in the market, how can you make up your mind? Whether you are searching for the best gift for a friend’s #babyshower or best baby gear, #PrettyBabies can help you to select baby products that are useful, safe, and stylish.

Even the happiest and jolliest infant will have fussy moments. While most parents have tried soothing methods that have been reliable, it is also a bright idea to have a backup plan. One backup plan would be having baby #pacifier ready any moment your baby cry or make fussy moments.

Pretty baby products offers Clip on/Snap on Silicone Pacifier is the first on our list of baby products. Some babies have strong reflex for sucking, which has a calming and soothing effect. That is why, most parents treat animal shaped SIlicone pacifiers as must-haves for their babies. Pretty Babies have a wide selection of high quality pacifiers that will suit your baby’s reflex for sucking. Whether you are looking for Wubbanub animal shaped pacifier, Advent, Nuk, Nylabone Puppy Teething Pacifier Dog Chew Toy, Fisher Price, baltic amber teething necklace, or a Munchkins we have them all.  It is combined with a plush toy to keep the pacifier ready and close. It is specially designed to keep the baby’s mouth flat to prevent orthodontic problems. Our #pacifiers will surely loved by your babies.

Next in line will be Animal shaped #teethers made by Silicone. Most babies find putting something in their mouth as comforting to do. They love to chew on things, particularly when they are teething. Teethers are specially made for babies to be easily grip and put them in their mouth. They find it very soothing to chew on something which is hard and has adequate resistance like teether. Our set of teethers, that you can choose from are made of biodegradable and compostable materials that doesn’t contain toxic or synthetic materials. The soft parts of the teether are made of silicone. The textured surface is hypoallergenic, which helps in the breaking through of the first teeth and even massages the gums. It can be grasped easily by the little hands. But, it should be kept cool inside a refrigerator for a chill-like feeling every time your baby uses it. It comes in fun and animal, automobile, and plane  like shape and come in different colors to amuse your baby. Whether you are looking for Villi Sophie the giraffe, Chicken wing teether, Banana teether, Munchkin fun ice teether, Nub, Bumpkin dog, Ringley Monkey shape we have them all.

Next one is our Teething Necklace set (#teethingnecklace) relieves pain, drooling and swelling from teething. It is knotted by hand between each bead for added safety. It also provides analgesic relief. The length of the necklace will also depend on the length desired by you the Mom. Most importantly, these teething necklaces should be worn under supervision. Pretty Baby also offers teething bangles or Teething bracelets. Our #teethingbangles and #teethingbracelet are made from 100 % soft silicone. Unlike necklaces, they are hypoallergenic and you can choose the size as well as the color suited for you the Mom.

Next one in out list is blankets and swaddles, which are also essential for baby. Unlike Aden + Anais Swaddle blankets help babies to simulate the warm feeling they had in the womb before they were born.  Baby Swaddling blanket can soothes newborn babies by creating the comforting and familiar snugness of the womb and prevent them from startling awake, so that parents and babies can sleep soundly. These Swaddle blanket are made by 100% Muslin cotton.  Baby swaddle wrap can help you soothe and swaddle your baby easily and quickly.

Aside from this, swaddling blankets can be a perfect baby gift for baby showers, holidays and birthday parties. These are made from 100% Muslin cotton, bamboo or bamboo and Muslin cotton. They are best baby shower gifts ideas. Baby Swaddle wraps can be washed by machine. Baby Hallo Sleepsack Swaddle blankets will make it easy to form a strong and secure wrap which can be undone by strong babies. Swaddle sack comes in several designs and price points so you can choose the right one for your bundle of joy. Swaddle baby comes in different textures and colors. The backside of the swaddle receiving blankets has a silky soft satin and is suited for all ages.

Our product are readily available in Amazon, Ebay, and our Website. The prices of our products is very reasonable. Please visit us at our Amazon, Ebay, and our Website. Please email us your inquiries at sales@prettybabyz.com

If you have all this items, you are now prepared for your new baby. But there are still lots of baby products for you to explore and   will make your life with your baby more fun, convenient and safe. While there are several baby products on the market and it may be tempting to buy everything, your baby will be happy with the basic products that she or he really needs. Selecting the best baby products for your baby is not just buying the cheapest car seat or the cutest stroller. The most important job that you should do is to guarantee that your baby products are safe.

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